Hotel le Printemps, Kigali

I am currently in Rwanda for several weeks.  Although I am staying with a family here in Kigali, I happened to come upon a jewel of a hotel in the Kimirongko section of the city.  It is Hotel le Printemps, and it is quite charming and very reasonably priced.  Patricia, the manager, showed me all around.  She even took me into the kitchens.  They are mostly francophone there, but English is also spoken.  It just opened in January, ’08, so it is very new and clean.  The rooms range from $44.25 to $131.00 US.  The most expensive room is actually a small apartment with two bedrooms, two baths and a fully equipped kitchen.  I heartily suggest you check the website:, and consider adding this hotel to your guide in the future.  It is not near the city center, but is a short and inexpensive taxibus or taxi ride from there. Debbie Amable Chunn


2 thoughts on “Hotel le Printemps, Kigali

  1. AMADOU AMPA TE BA says:

    Le printemps Hotel wich is on the World Wide web located,is a good place for one’s stay that I found in kigali.In fact when I arrived at the hotel for my booking,I was taken around and found everything clean and modern especially the kitchen.When you wish to stay connected to the World I highly recommend to come at LE printemps Hotel.Guests use wireless internet connection of the Hotel for free and those laking laptops they have 2 free hours a day in Café internet of the hotel.Furthermore,the services at this hotel are dynamic.

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