Visoke in the rainy season

This refers to climbing Bisoke (also know as Visoke) volcano in the Volcanos national park, Rwanda. In the 3rd edition of the guide book there’s a one-liner saying that the bisoke climb takes about 2 hours. I live in Rwanda and love to climb the volcanes but it might be worth pointing out to the under prepared visitor that in the rainy seasons it may be preferable to spend their $75 on something else. Getting to the top of Bisoke and seeing the crater lake is wonderful and that’s the main reason most people climb it. Unfortunatley in the rainy season, the 2 hour reasonable climb becomes a dangerous (i.e. bone breaking) bog climb where you sink to your knees with almost every step (there’s a reason why the trackers all wear wellies). The chances of getting to the top are remote and it can end up being a disappointing trip. The route down is the same as the way up only worse because there’s nothing to grab without thorns and you basically spend the entire time sliding down on your butt. For anyone who’s into getting incredibly muddy without getting very far it’s perfect but if it’s the view that matters it’s definately one to leave for the dry seasons. Rwanda is a wonderful country and the bradt guides really do it justice! Thanks Louise Medland


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