Michael Kosteljanetz’s updates

We have just returned from two weeks visit (mainly work) in Rwanda. We had immense use of your guide. You invite us to give comments and here they are:

1. We think that you underestimate how strenuous the gorilla trip is. We are two 61 y/o fit and well persons, bicycling to work each day and still we had to take brakes due to problems with breathing. There is no possibility to pick an easy team; you are allocated irrespective your condition, at least if you look more or less normal. The price is now $ 500 per person for a permit to the gorillas.

2. Gorillas nest lodge is expensive  ($ 250) and lousy, so is the food.

3. In Kigali, you could mention the Memorial for the 10 Belgium UN soldiers located in the barracks where they were killed, close to Serena Hotel (formerly the Intercontinental).

4. For eating in Kigali we can recommend Bourbon Cafe, modern african (slightly Starbuck influenced) with wireless internet. In the same building there is a supermarket open 24 hours. The restaurant in Serena Hotel in the basement is modest in prices and serves a good buffet.


2 thoughts on “Michael Kosteljanetz’s updates

  1. Julie says:

    It’s unfortunate that they is so much negative comments about gorills nest lodge.Since my husband and I took over 5 months ago.The lodge has improved in service,beverage selections and even the food.
    17 of the suites are upgraded and heaters put.
    The rates are still the same and will continue for sometime to come.The lodge is less than 10 minutes from the gorilla tracking park and just 12minutes from group13 tracking area.
    Most of the good lodges in Ruhengeri are much more expensive.
    We hope that we might see a good response about gorillas nest lodge one day!

  2. philipbriggs says:

    Hi Julie,

    Your comment seems to miss the point.

    What is unfortunate is that the previous management allowed standards to drop and raised prices to a level that alienated the tourist industry and visitors alike. It is only to be expected that this resulted in negative comments…

    It’s untrue that there is ‘so much negative comment’ – there is one negative comment I can find on the website, and several positive comments dating to before management slipped and prices rose.

    I actually met the new management earlier this year, and I am aware that huge changes were underway. This is reflected in the new edition of the guide.

    And of course If we get good feedback from readers (or bad, or indifferent), we’ll include it on this forum. You are also welcome to send me a constructive overview of changes made under your management and I will create a new post about it!

    Best, Philip

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