Max Vincent’s updates

I’ve been living for the past month in Rwanda. Unfortunately I didn’t get a hold of your guide until just a few days ago. Here are a few notes for updating:
– Many of the bigger towns that had bicycle taxis have now banned them for safety reasons, apparently were causing lots of accidents. I can vouch for this having had many close calls with them.
– The motorcycle taxis have now all be registered and standards have been improved. You are now required to wear a helmet that is provided by the driver.
– Eventhough many of the city names have changed officially, many are still known by its old name. Ruhengeri is still called Ruhengeri not Musanze. Its does get a bit confusing when you are buying tickets on buses.
– Speaking of buses, Rwanda now has a bus lines called Vurunga. They travel from Kigali to Ruhengeri every 30 minues, they are always on time and cheap (1400 Francs, less than $3US)
– One more tip, expecially for backpackers. When riding on a motorcyle taxi, it is best to put your big pack between you and the driver, across your lap. It’s much more comfortable then trying to carry on your back, always having having that nagging feeling that you are falling backwards off the bike.


2 thoughts on “Max Vincent’s updates

  1. Robin Crowell says:

    For a bus running from Kigali to Ruhengeri do you need to reserve in advance?
    Also, how does one get from the Kigali airport into the city?

    • philipbriggs says:

      No need to book transport from Ruhengeri to Kigali.
      There are taxis at the airport and they can take you to the city centre (or anywhere else in town)

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