More about Nyamata & Ntarama

 just wanted to update the update that I already sent in about the Nyamata & Ntarama genocide memorials!  I just found out that there’s an easier way to travel to Nyamata from Kigali (and safer than taking a matatu): Sotra Tours has very nice buses that leave for Nyamata every half hour from their downtown Kigali station.  It costs 500 FRW one way, and the buses stop directly in downtown Nyamata, less than half a kilometer from the memorial.

To travel to the Ntarama memorial from Nyamata, I’d suggest taking a moto-taxi from Nyamata to Ntarama, then back to Nyamata to catch another Sotra bus back to Kigali.  (That’s the downside of having nice buses – they don’t stop to let people on or off.) 


Rachel Strohm


One thought on “More about Nyamata & Ntarama

  1. SM says:

    I took the Sotra bus to Nyamata today. As posted elsewhere, buses in Kigali now seem to all leave from the Nyabugogo bus stop. A one-way ticket Kigali-Nyamata is 600 FRW. Excel tours also goes to Nyamata. When I got off at the Nyamata station a moto-taxi driver offered to take me to both memorials and then back to the bus station for 2,600 FRW, he agreed to accept 2,200 FRW.

    There wasn’t a guide at the Nyamata memorial when I was there. There were a few people who directed me where to go and someone with a flash-light who went with me into the crypt.

    At the Ntarama memorial there was an English speaking guide named Stanley.

    I took an Excel bus back to Kigali (fare was 600 FRW).

    The bus did stop to let people off at spots other than the destination, it seemed like you just had to bang on the bus ceiling and the driver would stop at the next opportunity. I could have gotten off at the spot where the small side road to the Ntarama memorial meets the main road, but I went all the way to the Nyamata bus station so I would know where it was – though it likely would have been easy to get a moto-taxi to the station.

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