Benebikira Order Guesthouses

I’m working in Rwanda briefly with the Benebikira Order (nuns). They have several guests house in Rwanda that make nice, comfortable, safe places to stay, usually attached to their convents. Board is also available and they are fastidious with water usage and food preparation. I’ve been here a month and have not been sick once, something that has never happened for me while traveling in developing countries. We are working on a website for the order, which should be ready in the next 6 weeks or so, and I’ll send that info when it is ready.
In the meantime, information on the guest houses extracted from my blog follows:

“The Benebikira have guests houses in Butare and Kibeyo.  I highly recommend them as a clean, comfortable, safe and affordable place to stay.  Food is also great and well prepared and will keep you healthy.  They also have a place in Kigali but it is almost always filled to capacity but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Benebikira Hospitality Houses– Rwanda



            Mary of the Word

            (Notre Dame de la Verbe)



            Our Lady of the Road

            (Notre Dame de la Route)





            Queen of Peace

            (Regina Pacis)



For more information or to make reservations please email:

Group and individual rates are available.  Tourists are welcomed.

Each house has a chapel, conference space, and a restaurant serving three meals a day.

Thanks, Melissa Peery 

One thought on “Benebikira Order Guesthouses

  1. Joost & Arina says:

    We stayed one night with the nuns. It was a nice stay, with kind people and good food. Notice that we as a couple couldn’t stay in one room. Price per single room (own bathroom): Rfr 8.000,-. Dinner 3 course: Rfr 3.000,-

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