MTN dialing code change

Janice Booth forwarded me the following info:

MTN Rwanda has announced an imminent ‘Number Plan Change’, from the current 8 digit number to a new 10 digit number as required by national and international telecommunication regulators.

The change is a requirement set off by Rwanda Utilities Regulator Agency (RURA), the body that regulates public utilities, and it will be effective on the first day of February.

Effective 1st February, this year a new number – 78 – will be added after the first usual zero, to all numbers on MTN Rwanda’s network. This will result in a new ten digit number, replacing the current eight digit number. So a number with digits like 08312345 will become 0788312345 etc.

International dialing codes will also change. International callers to MTN Rwanda numbers will no longer be required to dial the zero digit after the country code as previously required. So calling a local number like +250 08312345 will change to +250 788312345 and the SMS message center will change from the current +250 08110333 to +250 788110333. In addition, MTN customers will dial 000 instead of the current 00 when calling a number outside Rwanda. For example, calls to a London, UK number will no longer.


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