Budget rooms in Kigali

I wanted to let you know that there is still a low budget accomodation in the Centre of Kigali. It is called St. Paul’s and it costs 6000 for a double room. It is really good value for money and totally peaceful with all rooms facing a pretty well maintained garden but in the City Centre. It comes with shared hot showers which is amazing for that price. It is next to the church St Paul’s about 200 metres from the UTC centre. You can come home any time in the night.

Tina Hewing


15 thoughts on “Budget rooms in Kigali

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Tina just got back with the following additional info:

    “It is called ‘Centre National de Pastorale St Paul’
    The telephone number is 0788644468 or 0252576371, you of course have to add the country code if you phone from abroad, therefore it is +250788644468. They do only speak French or Kinyarwanda.
    The people who work there had a long discussion about the street name…. very funny Rwandan style, I guess you can imagine, but they came to the conclusion that they did not know the street name but I will describe where it is:
    It is next to the Eglise Saint-Famille. When you come from the big roundabout you walk downhill along the main road (yellow road on this map) for about 100 – 200 metres, past the church ‘Eglise Saint Familie’. and immediately afterwards you walk left into a little lane and follow it to the end. I marked it red on the map in the attachement and hope the attachement will be send okay, as Internet is playing up a bit. You will have the walls from the church to your left and a medical centre to your right. The Motorbiketaxis usually know where it is.
    The rooms are 6000 rwandan Francs per room per night and have got 2 single beds, Mosquito nets, electricity, a desk, towels and soap. The toilets and showers are outside in a separate part and you have to share them. The showers sometimes have got hot water which is great. It is a great deal! The reception is not always open and closes fairly early in the evening. Therefore you should better phone before. Once you have a room you are free to come and go at any time. We partied until 2, 4 or 7 and could enter any time of the night without a problem. The gardens are very pretty and you can sit there and relax and have your quiet and that right in the centre of Kigali for really cheap!!!! There is a little supermarket as well which is great for buying things.”

    Thanks Tina!

    • Jessica says:

      I’m very interested in this place, since I’ll go there for research purpose.
      I would like to know, if possible, if they also have facilities for cooking something.

      And thanks for all the advices, it seems to be a great place where to stay!


      • philipbriggs says:

        hi jessica, my guess is not, that is unusual in hotels in rwanda, but maybe they can make a plan once you are there – best, philip

  2. Ruairí Ó hEithir says:

    I stayed there recently when I was up from the south of Rwanda where I live and work, and the number I used to contact them was +250 788504481. I highly recommend it and the cheaper rooms are better at RWF6000 for a double room, which is two single beds separated by a partition wall. The showers are shared but the water is always hot and the water pressure is fantastic (I don’t have running water or electricity where I live so sometimes I will stand in the shower then for 10-15 minutes just letting the hot water run ober me!!). They have slightly more expensive rooms just outside the main gate which are bigger and en suite but the water supply is very erratic.

    The reception can be closed for long periods. The two nuns who run the reception attend every religious ceremony in the complex so do bear that in mind. Also it is VERY popular with student and religious groups visiting Kigali and can fill up quite quickly. Availability of meals seems somewhat erratic but you are only a short walk from the centre of town.

  3. Yohani says:

    I’m looking into spending a few weeks in Rwanda this summer at the lowest price possible and stumbled across this place. I’m wondering if an extended period of stay would be possible and whether there would be any discounts associated with that. Also, I’m looking at visiting other cities all around the country while I’m there and am not sure about the availability of lodging and public transportation outside of Kigali. Murakoze cyane !

  4. gerald aquino says:

    i was at st paul last december with 70 students from Uganda. we all appreciated the place although the nun at reception was not so friendly. I hear there have been renovations and price hikes..but we plan to go back this year.

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