Shokola Cafe

My partner Amin and I are opening a new Cafe in Kigali called Shokola. Here’s a bit of info on the place:

If the smell of freshly made pitta bread doesn’t whet your appetite, the aroma of the sizzling grill will do the job at SHOKOLA,
Kigali‘s new African Cafe.

Some of our specialties include exotic Moroccan tagines, freshly made hummus, huge range of mouthwatering salads, fresh fruit smoothies and juices, and of course Rwandan premium coffee and teas.

The Shokola preview will be this Saturday, June 6 from 5pm!
Official opening will be in 2 weeks.

Directions: We are conveniently located in Kiyovu, as you slope down from Milles Collines towards B.N.R, take the first turn on your left, Shokola’s the second gate on your right! Right after the former American Club.

For more info, please call: 0788350265 (Hakeem) or 0788301293 (Sonia)

Thanks so much,


12 thoughts on “Shokola Cafe

  1. Patricia English says:

    Sonia and Amin
    Congratulations on the opening of your cafe. The all-Africa menu looks great. I look forward to eating there when I come and visit next year.

  2. philipbriggs says:

    Sonia adds the following info:

    To answer your questions, a rough price range for our main courses is 4,500 – 5,500 Rwf. Yes, you got it right, we are located on Rue de Ntaruka, the house after the former American Embassy and just before the vehicle entrance to Chez Robert.

    Kind regards,

  3. Drew Bayless says:

    The decor and atmosphere of Shokola is relaxing, romantic(in the evenings) and all around wonderful! The service, food and drinks are all great, too! High regards and recommendations to come to Shokola for anyone traveling in the Kigali area.

    ~Drew Bayless

  4. Marcell Claassen says:

    I went to Shokola mid-August and absolutely loved the experience. The food was excellent and the smoothies and juices here should get other establishment’s interest as Shokola is seriously awesome competition here.

    Decor was a pleasant surprise and the Bedouin style makes for an even more relaxed atmosphere. Staff – hey, a place in Kigali without “delayed” service – well done!

    Shokola will definitely be seeing me again.

  5. David Hampson says:

    Hello / Bonjour Sonia et Ameen!

    My name is David and I would like to meet five NGO friends to discuss a trip and a programme on Friday 1 October.

    Je m’appelle David, dois rencontrer cinq amis pour dejeuner et pour planifier une voyage et discuter une programme des ONGs.

    Could I book a space for six people at Shokola between 10h and 17h? And could you offer me a fixed price main course lunch for six people?

    Je me demandais si je pourrais me servir de votre restaurant. Ca serait vendredi le 1 octobre, entre 10h et 17h. Est-ce que vous avez une espace,et est-ce que vous pourriez m’offrir un prix fixe (plat principal) pour 6 personnes pour dejeuner?

    Merci beaucoup / Many thanks! David

  6. Wynn Thomas......Academy member says:

    This is from Wynn Thomas…member of the Academy….I was in your country a few weeks ago. I met Amin at a dinner …and have been trying to get in touch with him ever since…but my emails keep getting kicked back to me. Please tell Amin to get in touch….Thanks, Wynn

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