Accommodation at Lake Burera

We cycled around Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera and found a great place to stay in Kirambo (about 15 km south of Butaro on “main” road). It is a new establishment called the Paradise Motel. A triple ensuite room cost Rfr10 000 for the room. No hot water I’m afraid but they do have a separate little laundry or washing up section in the room too. They also serve meals (including outstanding rabbit and fried potatoes!) and breakfast. We found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. Although it helps to speak French. The owner Viateur Harelimana can be contacted on 0788478512 or

Genevieve Young


One thought on “Accommodation at Lake Burera

  1. Patrick Snodgrass says:

    Hello Genevieve,

    I am interested to hear that you cycled around the lakes. i will be visiting Rwanda with my girlfriend for a few weeks in January and this would really appeal to us.

    Can you tell me if there is anywhere to hire bikes for a day or 2 and approximate costs?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Many thanks
    Patrick Snodgrass

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