Cyangugu updates

 Thanks greatly for your excellent guide to Rwanda.  My travel companion and I, just back from Rwanda, had the luck to meet Paul Ruganintwali in the parking lot of the 1000 Hills hotel in Kigali, and he told us you are aware for your next edition of the awful state of the road between Gikongoro and Cyangugu.   Besides warning readers of that problem,  I think you should give more of a heads-up on the real nature of the Peace Guesthouse.  We had a number of fairly low-key frustrations there (heightened by the fact that we were paying $100 a night and thus expecting a pretty good hotel situation), all of which the resident manager explained by instructing us that the Guesthouse is “NOT a hotel but a Christian conference center.”  There was no soap in our room.  When we ran out of the quarter roll of toilet paper in the room, it was not re-supplied.  There’s no breakfast prior to about 07:30, so people using Peace as a base for, say, Nyungwe, are out of luck (if your breakfast is served at 07:30, you might be on the road by 08:00, which means you’re not at the trailheads until 10:00: too late).  Meal service is extremely slow (45-60 minutes to be served even a simple dinner after ordering), and Christian conference groups get first priority for meal service.  I also think some readers will want to know that the restaurant is decorated with a large tapestry of the Last Supper.  You warned that there’s no beer or wine.  When we asked why, the manager told us the people at the Guesthouse are Christians!  (as if Christ never drank alcohol)  For $100 a night, one expects a reasonable level of practicality (as opposed to religiosity) and freedom from worries about soap, toilet paper, etc., and service that speeds along at greater than 1 hour for one’s meal to hit the table.  Best, and looking forward to your next edition.   


Richard Hill


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