Recommended driver in Rwanda

Car hire & guide / driver

Robert Twibaze is an experienced safari guide in Rwanda and Uganda. He speaks perfect English, and is very friendly and knowledgeable. His vehicles (a Toyota Rav4, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Land Cruiser) are all available for hire with or without a driver. They are well maintained and he offers competitive rates.

Phone him on +250 (0)788 302 040 or +250 (0)758 302 040, or email or

Robert also has a family house in Ruhengeri town for rent. It has four bedrooms and two toilets, and an equipped kitchen for self-catering.

Caroline Pomeroy


2 thoughts on “Recommended driver in Rwanda

  1. Pamela Connell says:

    I can certainly endorse your comments about Robert Twibaze and Rwanda Adventure Safaris. His professionalism, customer service and deep knowledge of every inch of Rwanda amazed me. From the maintenance of his vehicles to his go the extra mile desire to provide his clients with the best possible service … I’d recommend him as a preferred operator over any other.

  2. Dianne Longson says:

    Caroline’s comments about Robert, his company and his vehicles are absolutley correct. We found him personable, professional and proficient at his work. He provides excellent customer service and he goes out of his way to ensure his clients have what they need and want. As a guide, he has clearly worked hard to develop his knowledge of Rwanda to the benefit of his clients. I particularly commend his knowledge of birds. His vehicles are clean, comfortable and well maintained, and he is the only operator I have found in Rwanda who brings his car with a full tank of fuel(rather than almost empty. I’d also recommend him as a preferred operator.j

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