Credit cards

Reference cash against credit cards in Rwanda (page 100 in the Guide). Still no joy with ATMs but the Access Bank/Bancor in the UTC shopping mall in central Kigali provided a quick and efficient means of drawing cash against a credit card queue free and hassle free.


Simon Aley


4 thoughts on “Credit cards

  1. Sara says:

    Can you draw cash in this way against a UK Visa debit card as well? I think bank charges would be less with a debit card but I’m taking both anyway…

  2. philipbriggs says:

    Hi Sara,
    I’m 99% sure you’d be able to draw it against any Visa card, credit or debit, but if you take both you should be safe… and I’d be very grateful if you could confirm that for future visitors when you get back!
    Thanks, Philip

  3. atuchan says:

    Just to inform,

    Bank of Kigali also allow Cash advance using VISA. They are quite efficient but charge 3.65% service fee.

  4. atuchan says:

    Update on the cash advance service fee.
    I was not aware that on top of the fee that was levied by the Bank in Rwanda, there may be several other fees charged at your own bank.

    Visa/Master apparently charge “Cross Border Fee” (0.8% for same currency and 1% which involve currency transaction) and your own bank may charge additional service fee for cash advance fee (in my case it was 1%).

    So the total transaction fee was about 5.5% of the amount withdrawn.

    Just be aware.

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