Golden monkeys & charity near Ruhengeri

To help streamline this site, I’m creating ‘new’ categorized posts from most of the comments dotted around over the past few months, starting with this one:

The gorilla trackings are the obvious and leave most people with a sense of awe, but don’t miss the golden monkeys. They’re an interesting & lively contrast to the gorillas, yet similarly peaceful. You may also get a chance to meet the researchers who observe them since 2001, and learn more details about their behaviour and ecology.

If you speak French, even basic, make sure to use it – many gorilla or monkey trackers speak better French than English, relish the opportunity to chat – and have often a more intimate knowledge of the groups you visit. The tourist guides bringing you to the gorilla groups speak good English.

If you’re interested in visiting a local charity/school during your stay, get in contact with Cathy Emmerson, who runs a daycare pre-school some 8 km from Gorilla’s Nest Hotel. The welcome was hearty and felt genuine, the kids’ joy was contagious, and the kids were very well-behaved.

Evi, February 2008


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