Lalibela Restaurant

Sorry, but I humbly disagree with your assertion on Lalibela Ethiopian restaurant (”Quality disappointing, expensive.”). As an expat living in Kigali for almost 4 years, this remains one of my favourite spots and it has a very regular international clientelle. The service is fast, food very good, and prices remain very good value for money by Kigali standards. I suggest you give it a second try next time you’re in Kigali!



2 thoughts on “Lalibela Restaurant

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Hi Robin,
    Just to clarify – these are not my personal opinions but comments sent in by readers (in this case, Heiner Hoffmann in the Kigali page on the top menu) – but it’s great to hear that you still rate the Lalibala Restaurant!’
    Cheers, Philip

  2. obee says:

    surerly this restaurant had a problem of shifting from place to another, so that’s why it get lost sometimes which is not good mostly for international clients who does not know kigali, and it has excellents standards in service, quality of food,price,…etc. by now it solved all those challenges, it is now at executive residential area in kigali “KIMIHURURA” near papyrus restaurant
    contact: 0788505293/078855779

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