Minibus bookings

It might be worth noting that the private minibuses that are mentioned on page 65 must be booked in advance! We showed up at the centre of Kigali (where many of the companies have their offices), expecting to be able to catch a bus to Huye and Nyungwe NP within an hour or so (as we has been used to in Uganda). But on sunday there are no direct buses to Cyangugu/Nyungwe NP and we had to wait for 3 hours for the first seats available to Huye (even though buses leave every 30 minutes!). In general this is a very positive thing, since full is full means having a decent seat and a comfortable journey. But if we had known this before we would have gone to the busoffice a day before to buy our tickets in advance. A tip for others therefore. You can even make reservations a couple of days ahead!

Jasper Neyssen


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