Ubushobozi Project, Ruhengeri

Hi Philip!

I’d like to submit a fantastic, fun, free, off the beaten path excursion in Ruhengeri, Rwanda for your review. Ubushobozi Project (www.ubushobozi.org) is a small, grassroots non-profit organization/association devoted to educating and training at-risk and orphaned teenage girls. In a stable, social and caring environment, the girls are taught sewing (and have become highly skilled), basic computer and business skills, life skills, and attend daily English class. They make beautiful bags, (among other items) which are excellent souvenirs/gifts. Each is handmade and all proceeds go directly back into the project so not only are you getting a cool item, you’re making a donation. The program’s director and house manager, Dusingizimana Fidele, is a charismatic guy, speaks great English, and has a million stories about Rwanda (he grew up in Imbabazi orphanage and was a photographer in the famous Rwanda Project). If you want to see a program up close and firsthand that’s empowering and changing the course of young girls’ lives while supporting the women and men of the local community, you won’t be disappointed. We visited after gorilla trekking. It’s a really nice and interesting way to spend an afternoon. It’s most definitely a feel-good excursion. Contact them to arrange a visit – Dusingizimana Fidele: +250-0788827028 e-mail: dusifidele@yahoo.fr,

Elizabeth Todd


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