Hillsview Guesthouse, Kigali

I have got the details of an affordable guest house I would like to recommend to your readers

It’s called HILLSVIEW GUEST HOUSE. Located in Kigali along Kabuga road at a hill called NDERA.

It has a good panorama of Kanombe Airport and surrounding hills. Good nyama choma, African foods and other varieties,Each room with tv set and with decoder and a very big compound

The rooms range from 30.000 frw, 20.000 frw. 15.000 frw, and 10.000 frw respectively. some are self contained with warm water and all other necessities.

Transport can be provided if one wants,

Jim from Nyamirambo Woman’s Rights Centre


5 thoughts on “Hillsview Guesthouse, Kigali

  1. Sheila Hosner says:

    I will be coming to Kigali at the end of February 2010 and would like to learn more about the Hillsview Guest House. Could you please send the contact information? Their email address and phone number.

    Thank you,


  2. patrick habinshuti says:

    in these guest house which are in Rwanda the most i like is AEE guest house and it is a christian guest house known aee havugimana guest centre.for those who want to get enough rest ,the guest house is there for you.the price there are fair.single room not self contained is 14$ and the self contained room is 30$.wireless internet connection is available.to pass a night in AEE GUEST HOUSE is to help many people as orphans and students in schools

    Patrick Habinshuti

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