Hotels in Butare

The Faucon is great for a drink as the clientele are almost all Rwandan and it isn’t a muzungu-zone like the Hotel Ibis, plus they show football out back, but the accommodation is not great. Plus if you stay there Thursday, Friday or Saturday there is an ear-shattering night club that can run until 0500. Never found the staff grumpy though.

The Ineza has had an overhaul after MINISANTE closed down their kitchens and Venerande has rebuilt them totally. Still no running water but a bucket of hot water will be left outside your door in the worning. Beautiful garden to sit and relax in. Lunch is still RWF1,000 and is your basic Rwandan buffet – fine for a day or two but does get tedious after a while.

Ruairí Ó hEithi


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