Improved & cheaper internet access

One thing that is changing rapidly in Rwanda is internet access. Tigo have now launched on the Rwandan market and MTN prices are dropping like a stone to compete.  A plug-and-play modem now costs RWF25,000 from Tigo and RWF35,000 from MTN. MTN’s coverage is better as Tigo is still expanding and speeds are really low outside urban areas (as little as 2-3kbps) but, at those prices, someone coming for 2-3 weeks might think it well worthwhile. Usage is charged per MB down- or uploaded, RWF30 per MB. Credit is available everywhere, modems should be purchased in larger towns – Kigali, Gitarama, Butare etc.

Ruairí Ó hEithir


2 thoughts on “Improved & cheaper internet access

  1. Mathieu Dutrisac says:


    Thanks for this update. Indeed the internet landscape is changing rapidly since we (tigo) have launched. Tigo has 3.5G available in Kigali, Butare and Ruhengeri (Musanze). The rest of the country is covered by EDGE (2.75G) technology.

    I just wanted to add that with Tigo you can pay by MB but you can also buy a 24h or 7-day access for as low as 2,000FRw and 10,000Frw respectively.

    That’s $3.80 for a day or $18 for a week – much cheaper and convenient than internet cafes if you have smartphone or a laptop.

    for 24h, simply make sure you have 2,000FRW in your account and SMS DATA to 1001

    for 7 days, make sure you have 10,000FRW in your account and SMS DATA to 1007


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