Ikirezi Natural Products

New Fragrance in Rwanda

Ikirezi Natural Products is a community interest company that mobilizes and trains farmers to produce essential plants that are distilled into essential oils. Ikirezi, meaning “precious pearl” in Kinyarwanda, primarily works with widows and orphans in a holistic effort to restore their dignity, improve their livelihoods, and rebuild their communities.

Currently, Ikirezi Natural Products produces three different types of essential oils, all 100% organic and certified by ECOCERT:

– Geranium oil

– Lemongrass oil

– Eucalyptus oil

Geranium oil is a balancing oil that has a calming and cooling effect on the nervous system: it is useful for treating restlessness and anxiety and lifts depression. Geranium oil is a popular skin care ingredient, suitable for dry or oily skin, while repelling mosquitoes.

Lemongrass stimulates the appetite and may be beneficial for treating gastric infections and indigestion. It is stimulating, energizing and a mild antidepressant, and alleviates stress-related  conditions and nervous tension. Lemongrass oil blends very well with eucalyptus and geranium oil.

Eucalyptus oil is a powerful decongestant and is particularly good for treating respiratory tract infections such as colds and flu. People with muscular pain and rheumatism benefit from its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Prices (2009) 5 ml 10 ml
Geranium oil RWF 5.500 or USD 10 RWF 8.500 or USD 15
Lemongrass oil RWF 3.500 or USD 6 RWF 5.500 or USD 10
Eucalyptus oil RWF 2.000 or USD 3.50 RWF 3.500 or USD 6

Special gift packages

Ikirezi offers a special gift package: a typical Rwandan basket, all three types of oil, an Ikirezi oil burner with a tea light.

·         Gift package with 3 types of 5 ml bottles  (RWF 17.000)

·         Gift package with 3 types of 10 ml bottles (RWF 23.500)

More information

For more information about our products and if you would like to buy, feel free to contact us by email (info@ikirezi.com);  by phone at 580071; check out our website www.ikirezi.com, or visit our office in Kacyiru (we share office with World Relief Rwanda) on the new stone-made road near the US Ambassador’s residence.


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