More developments at Nyungwe

Thanks to Simon Collis for the following updates:

“I visited Nyungwe at the start of March. The new pricing is now operational, as per the guidebook. The only difference is that there is a separation between walks under 5km ($40/$60/$80 for foreign visitors for 1/2-3/4+ days) and walks over 5km ($50/$70/$90).

The new visitor centre at Uwinka is completed, looking lovely and, as you say, was due to open at the end of March. My impression was that the canopy walkway might have been a little behind schedule, but it should be up and running by now.

Nyungwe generally was amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone.

For more info, check out Simon and Jess’s blog about Uganda and Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest National Park


3 thoughts on “More developments at Nyungwe

  1. Inzozi Nziza says:

    Hi Philip

    A correction – I spoke to my guide from Nyungwe today and he told me that the visitor centre is up and running, but the canopy walk won’t be operational until its official opening in the middle of May.

  2. kam says:

    A correction- the canopy walkway was officially launched on 15 October 2011. Since then, it is operational. 50$ Rwandan resident, 60$ Foreign visitor and 5000 Rwandan Francs for a national.

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