Inzozi Nziza, Butare

Hi Philip

I just wanted to provide you with a quick update on Inzozi Nziza, the local ice cream shop opening in Butare, which you kindly featured in the latest edition of your guide.

As you correctly stated, Inzozi Nziza is run by a local women’s cooperative, in conjunction with Blue Marble Dreams, the non-profit venture of Brooklyn’s Blue Marble Ice Cream. The idea is to provide training and a sustainable livelihood for these women, as well as a feelgood business for locals and tourists alike.

The shop is due to open in June; the premises are south of the town centre, near the university campus. On the map on p128 of your guide, we’re in grid square A6, just by Motel du Mont Huye (Southside). Construction work and shop fitout are going on now, but anyone passing can feel free to put their heads round the door and say hi!

The story of the shop opening and the people involved is a good one in itself, and anyone who is interested can follow it on our blog at ““.

On a personal note, I’d just like to say thanks for all the work you put into your guide and, in particular, for mentioning Inzozi Nziza in the first place. I passed by Butare a couple of months ago as a tourist and looked up the shop because you’d put it in your guide. Now I’m a volunteer helping with the opening, teaching English to around sixty inspiring women, and having the time of my life. So *big* thanks to you and to Bradt Guides!

Simon Collis


3 thoughts on “Inzozi Nziza, Butare

  1. Inzozi Nziza says:

    Hi Philip

    Just thought we’d let you know that Inzozi Nziza in Butare is now open!

    The shop is staffed by 11 women from a local cooperative, and our ice cream is made fresh every day from Rwandan ingredients. We’re open every day from early morning to late evening, and as well as selling ice cream, we make our own cakes, fruit juices and other treats.

    Thanks again for the work you’ve done in spreading the word about our project – we really appreciate it. And if any tourists have any questions about Butare that they can’t answer from your excellent guide (WHICH THEY SHOULD BUY!!) then they are very welcome to contact us via our blog (

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m sitting at Inzozi Nziza right now, enjoying some incredibly good ice cream and a gorgeous view of the valley in Butare. This is a fantastic suggestion, and anyone visiting Butare should make a point of coming here.

  3. Whitney says:

    My husband and I enjoyed some fantastic ice cream at Inzozi Nziza this past weekend. The women were very friendly, the place was clean and reminded us of a shoppe in America. We also tried the omelette which was better than any where else we’ve had in Butare. Can’t wait to go back on our next visit!

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