Rwanda Birding Ecotours

I had the pleasure of visiting Rwanda the last ten days of January 2010. There were several things on my list to do with four days of birding at the top of my list. I was referred to Claudien Nsabagasani and his company Rwanda Birding Ecotours by three different source when I was searching for a bird guide. Two of them were personal references from family friends and acquaintances and one from

They all knew what they were talking about. I had a fantastic birding experience with a day in the Kigali area followed by a day about 50 km south near Nyamata. We then went to Akagera National Park for two more days of birding and big game observation. Seeing the big game was great, but in the end, with Claudien’s helpful ears, eyes and phenomenal knowledge of Rwandan birds, I added 165 new bird species to my life list. I had the privilege of being with Claudien when he added one, the Brown Snake Eagle, to his life list at Akagera. Next time I get to Rwanda I hope to arrange for Claudien to share the birds of Nyungwe Forest with me.

If you are a lister or just want to see the beautiful birds Rwanda has to show you, I’d highly recommend you contact Claudien ( to share the birds of his country with you. You won’t find anyone better.

Brad Benson


One thought on “Rwanda Birding Ecotours

  1. kam says:

    If you plan to come to Nyungwe, check some other special birdguides such as Ntoyinkima claver, ndayambaje Narcisse, Mpakaniye claver and Nyirimbabazi Claude as well as many other park guide…

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