Akagera news

Akagera National park. Entry to the Park proved expensive. $50 pppd is steep considering what there is or is not. You have to arrange a Ranger to travel with you each Game drive. We got lucky with a nice young woman called Diana who was nice to be with.

We were booked into Akagera Safari Lodge which is a mile or so from the Gate. Check in was fine and the Lodge looked OK. It lacked competent management.  Full board is now reduced to $100 if they will admit to it.  The Lodge was fine and in a great setting although they do have a severe Baboon problem due mainly to daft guests feeding them.

The Park is quiet and the birding was good. The level of mammals was low. The tracks varied considerably from bad to downright impossible. It is easier when visiting the North end to exit and use the tar road via Kiziguru and then re-enter at the north gate. This area is better for large mammals where there is more open country and plenty of animals including Eland, Topi and Bohor Reedbuck. On the return drive over the high track the Tsetse were horrendous and we had to keep the car closed up tight which was most uncomfortable. The road was virtually impassable in parts although the views were nice.

Fred Hodgson


One thought on “Akagera news

  1. Sarah Hall says:

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for your comments, its always good to hear feedback from visitors to the park although I’m not sure why you were charged $50 pppd, the park entrance fee should have been $30 pp for 1 day, $50 for 2 or $70 for 3 days for an international visitor.

    I don’t know when you visited the park but all the roads in the south have now been graded and the grader is working its way up to the north which will make it a shorter trip to drive through the park, instead of around on the tar road.


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