Foyer de Charitie, Lake Burera

Directions are spot on although the first ‘fork left could be described as “ bear left at the Electricity works!” A great ‘find’.  A Religious retreat situated high up on a ridge overlooking the same lake as the very upmarket Volcanoes Lodge. The view to the Virungas and over the lake was simply stunning. The rooms are newly renovated and, as a retreat, simply furnished but very comfortable inside and out. Dining was at a fixed hour after Evensong with a fixed menu but excellent quality. We loved it and would return. Plenty of Birds in the extensive grounds too. Being as self sufficient as possible the sisters grow all their own vegetables and it seemed odd to see European produce such as Rhubarb and Beans being grown in Africa. No doubt the cool air at this altitude helped. I did not dare risk asking for a Beer so made do with Adam’s Ale at meal times. It was not too big a sacrifice to make for the privilege of staying in such a nice place.

Fred Hodgson


2 thoughts on “Foyer de Charitie, Lake Burera

  1. claudia says:

    hi there,
    I have been too and I agree, simply amazing! have some visitors over who would love to go there for 2 days. could you please explain how to get there and pass me contact details? thansk very much!

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