Ruhengeri & Volcanoes NP


I was unable to find the Home d‘Accueil de Virunga. Some Rwandans told me it has been torn down and replaced by the Virunga Lodge, but I was unable to check his.

I can recommend the Ishima Hotel (aka Centre d‘Accueil de l’Eglise Episcopale) to budget travelers. The cheapest rooms are basic with common bathrooms, but clean and cheap. The added benefit comes from the use of the facilities of the hotel, including the swimming pool.

Volcanoes National Park

Although ORTPN is slow on mail and difficult to reach by telephone, my booking worked out fine. I was a little anxious wiring the money to them beforehand, but also that process seems to work.

The number of the Kinigi Guesthouse in the book seems to include a mistake. I got two numbers from the Kigali office, of which I used only the first one:

078 8413 413

078 8533 606

Kinigi indeed has some low key and wonderful walking opportunities and you can easily spend an entire day in the surroundings of the guesthouse. I met some members of the local youth soccer team on my way, who guided me all the way to the border of the National Park; a great walk with the volcanoes always surrounding you.

Highland Gorilla Tours and Travels is run by Roger, a former guide and very reliable. Their office is not in the same building as the Ishima Hotel anymore. It seems they don’t have an office at the moment, but Roger can be reached on the mobile phone number provided in the guide book and he will come to meet you at your hotel.

Juriaan Deumer


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