Bizidanny recommendation

The advice on p.85 of the Rwanda Guide about Bizidanny Tours is 100% correct. I contacted Danny this year to arrange a visit to a school in a small village about 15 km from Kibungo. He went out of his way to organise a tailor-made tour for me, even sending one of his drivers down to Kibungo to check out the accommodation there before making a booking.

Whilst arranging the visit, Danny’s responses to my emails were swift and helpful. During the visit I had a guide called Jeremiah who I cannot praise enough.

If anyone else is looking for a company to arrange a visit to Rwanda, I would strongly recommend Bizidanny Tours.

Robert Prior.


One thought on “Bizidanny recommendation

  1. Robin Crowell says:

    agreed! My 10 year old and I were in Rwanda this summer and used Bizidanny. Amos, the driver, was so great and my daughter really loved him. He was kind and informative. I was very very thankful I had such a good service.

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