Butare & Gatagara Pottery

Butare was nice and the Ibiz restaurant is easily the best resto for tourists/expats. We visited the Gatagara pottery, their is a booklet about it (pasted in below). You need to take two busses to get there by public transportation. There are taxi-velo’s at the road to get you from the mainroad to the pottery. On the way back you have to wait for transportation to come through, and hope that there is still place. It worked out well for us. For transportation, it is best to use “Volcanoes” busses, they have the best drivers and are comfortable. Many accidents have occured with the smaller busses so people would do good to stay away from them.



One thought on “Butare & Gatagara Pottery

  1. Christoph says:

    Every now and then I google for Gatagara. And this time I got to see booklet you posted – thank you so much. Me, I was born in Gatagara and when still a little boy and wandering about I would mostly head to the pottery and get lessons in the fine art of the making of crockery.

    Again, thank you for this little flash back.

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