Kibuye updates

We left from Cyangugu to Kibuye, the transport left at 6:30 already. No one seemed to know when it would leave exactly, 6, 6:30 or 7 so we didn’t gamble and were present at 5:45. The bus arrived at 6 and left at 6:30 and it seemed routine for them but people shouldn’t rely on this schedule. The road was bad but the bus was big so all in all, it went pretty fine… and it took us 5 hours to reach Kibuye. We stayed in the excellent hotel centre bethanie, which had very good prices and the best staff we encountered in whole Rwanda. The food was very good too and the waiters seemed to be trained abroad… their French was also the best I’ve heard (they were also the only ones to understand “la compte”, in other places we had to ask for “la facture”). We stayed one night in a tent on amahoro island. The owner of the island picks you up and brings you back for 10.000 RWF. People also arrange boat trips for 10.000 for one hour, or even less. We had a very pleasant stay but you shouldn’t go there for the food. A lot of people were at the island but after 4 P.M. all of them were gone and we had the island for ourselfs. A little paradise.


2 thoughts on “Kibuye updates

  1. Jessie B says:

    I saw you stayed at Centre Bethanie in Kibuye – I would like to stay there as well, but the numbers listed in the guidebook don’t work. One is disconnected and the other is perpetually busy. Do you happen to have contact information for the hotel?

  2. CAL says:

    This information comes too late for Jessie B, but since I also had the same problem, I hope this update will help others to reach this beautiful place.
    The phone nr to Hotel Centre Betahanie is +250252568235
    The email is

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