Nyungwe transport & fees

The public transportation to Nyungwe is quite possible. We took an early bus and arrived at 10:30 in Nyungwe. Since we were there before 12 ‘o clock, we could still visit the waterfall on the same day. We arranged chimpanzee tracking in Cyangudongo for the next day. A car from Cyangugu was arranged at 150$… which is a clear rip off. They said that 100$ is possible if you book 3 days in advance. We agreed only if the driver would take us with him to Kamembe, so we didn’t need to wait for a bus. Some more folks joined up that evening and they also arranged a car to visit the chimpanzees. Their driver didn’t want to take them back to Cyangugu and their car wasn’t even a 4×4 so they were lucky it wasn’t raining. We offered them to join us back to Kamembe and surprisingly we all fit in the car.. (5 people + driver + backpacks). Our driver was a very friendly guy and we had a good time in the car. He helped us finding a hotel (peace guesthouse was full but a booklet is in attachement) and drove us around town.

The new prices for Nyungwe are posted below, I think they have still lot’s to learn 🙂 (e.g. waterfalls + 1 day chimps costs as much as 7 days of chimps… I wonder who will ever track chimps for 7 days in a row!)



3 thoughts on “Nyungwe transport & fees

  1. Jimmy says:

    I and my wife are going to Nyungwe 2 weeks later. We booked Gisakura Guest House. We will go chimps tracking and bird watching without my private transport. Is it possible to do these without expensive 4×4 rental? Also, which bus and bus station in Kigali to Nyungwe?

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