Leopard & blue monkey sightings in Akagera

Sarah Hall of the African Parks Network reports:

“Leopard sightings have been almost frequent over the last month with a several guests seeing a leopard with her 3 cubs in tow. Seeing one leopard is rare but 4 at once is almost unheard of! A male leopard was seen sunbathing on a termite mound in the late afternoon and a few days later drinking from a puddle near Giraffe Area. To give guests the chance of seeing this most elusive of the Big  5 and other creatures of the night, we have got an open top game viewing vehicle especially for night drives. When day visitors are ending their game viewing, night drives are just beginning and the sights, sounds and smells of the bush come to life.

The new boats are in the water and the first few weeks of boat trips have really shown their worth. There have been some great hippo and crocodile sightings not to mention the birds! Recently guests watched an elephant wallowing in the shallow water and spotted a troop of blue monkeys from the boat, this was a special sighting since blue monkeys were recently thought to be extinct in the park! The new boats have added a new dimension to tourism in Akagera. They have also enabled deployment of ranger patrols to previously inaccessible areas and led to successful arrests of poachers.”



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