Akagera news

It’s just been drawn to our attention that the ‘Birding Tail’ fee listed in the fee structure for Akagera is not for an actual trail, but a fee charged to anybody who tells the people at the entrance gate they’ll looking at birds as opposed to ‘game viewing’.  For foreign visitors, that means birdwatchers pay US$70 for a on-day visit as opposed to the usual US$30 paid for game viewing. In both instances, a guide is mandatory, and if you state you will be birdwatching then they will try to give you a guide with specialist bird knowledge, but it can’t be guaranteed. Since you must explore the park in the company of a guide, it is unclear what would happen were you to pay the game viewing fee and then happen to sneak an illicit glance at a marabou or shoebill.

On a less absurd note, Akagera Game Lodge is currently in management limbo but for the time being you can contact the receptionist, Ivan, +250 (0) 788 537 494, and the Manager, Valance Gitera +250 (0) 788 551 716 (email gitval@gmail.com). It is hoped that a management company will take over in the future.


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