Ngororero is a village about one hour’s drive north Of Gitarama.  The road  from Gitarama to Ngororero is tarred, as is most of the remainder of the road on north to the junction of the Ruhengeri/Gisenyi road.  Once this road is tarred all the way, which should be soon, it will open up a massive short cut from Gitarama to Northern Rwanda, avoiding the need to go via Kigali:  from Ngororero it is only 1.5 hours’ drive to Gisenyi.


A hotel is being built at Ngororero, due to open in about June 2011.  It will have fantastic views due to a well chosen location. The rooms are all in seperate round buildings and they overlook beautiful green valleys on either side.  It is located approx. 250m from the main road on the way to the district office.


Ngororero is where the Rwandan king met the first Europeans coming from the west. Apparently the king chose Ngororero because of all the hills that no matter what direction the Germans came from he would see them before they would see him. You can visit the place where they first met.


The scenery in the Ngororero area is beautiful.


Geri Skeens & Pauline Quin


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