Residence Astrida, Butare

There is a new hotel in Butare named ‘Residence Astrida’, across the street & 100m from the Théatre de Verdure. Similarly priced as ‘Hotel Faucon’ it offers lovingly renovated bright rooms and breakfast in a really quiet atmosphere. We found it only one hour after having checked in at ‘Faucon’ and after a short visit decided to stay there next time we’re in Butare. Tel. +250785983006 / +250750269145

Conny & Uwe


One thought on “Residence Astrida, Butare

  1. Advantage Safaris Africa says:

    Astrida is a very nice place.We had on night there last July on the way to Nyungwe.My clients enjoyed the service;the rooms were clean,food nice and sure would recommend it to anybody who is on the way to Nyungwe with a stopover to visit the museum in Butare.

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