Frank & Astrid’s updates


  •  (p87) The phone number of Hotel Garni du Centre is wrong. The last digit should read 4, the correct number is: (+250) 252572654.
  • (p90) Kiyovu Motel is described as a personalized touch guesthouse, however we experienced a lack of atmosphere and did not really enjoy the run down room.
  • If you happen to have problems with a Toyota car (like we did), there is a very large and professional Toyota workshop in Kigali, called Toyota Akagera Motors.

Lake Kivu

  •  (p178) The dirt road between Gisenyi and Kibuye took us more than 6 hours (self drive), it was in very poor condition. We did not try the road between Kibuye and Cyangugu, but we have heard from other travelers (also self drive) that they had spent a similar amount of time on this stretch. No signs of the road being surfaced in the near future.


  • (p192 & 198) Amahoro Tours is recommended in your guidebook for its community-based tourism, and we totally agree. We believe that owner Greg is a very honest and faithful guy. We had arranged gorilla permits via Amahoro tours, and felt a little uncomfortable to wire money upfront, but needed not to worry afterwards. The location of their travel office in Ruhengeri is a little hard to find, tucked down in a back street (and is not at the same location as the Amahoro guesthouse), you better ask for directions. They also arranged a homestay for us in nearby village Nyakinama. This was a wonderful experience, spending time with a young Rwandese family and visiting a nearby orphanage. But be prepared for very basic conditions as your hosts are very, very poor people.

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