New accommodation in Ruhengeri

Egide from Woodley Coffee Bar in Rwanda has just written to let me know that he now also offers affordable accommodation. This is next to the coffee bar, on the second street from the main market opposite the Gorilla ORG. There are 7 rooms, of which 5 for $25 for 1 person per night. The other 2 rooms have a lounge and 2 bedrooms and cost $50 if both rooms are used and $25 if only 1 room is used. Breakfast is included, all rooms are fitted with double beds. It also has a hall where meetings can be held,there will be karaoke nights and traditional dancing too. It opens officially on 4 June 2011.
There will also be a curio shop in the premises. A big fireplace too where clients will enjoy some talks about the history of Rwanda. Also a bigger kitchen which will go together with a restaurant, Rwandese meals will be available also soon a specialty, maybe an Italian or Chinese restaurant.
For more details, contact Egide Mukama at

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