Kigali maps

I was in Rwanda in March and April 2011. At the time a foldout map of Kigali was not available at ORTPN, and they had no idea when new supplies would be in. However you could get one for Rfr10,000 atIkirezi Bookshop, opposite the Top Tower Hotel (E4 on the map). Sadly though, this map is poorly printed, with different colours not registered in the correct places, so it is inaccurate and misleading. We told the shop, and didn’t buy one.

It’s worth noting that on two visits to ORTPN, in March this year and July 2010, we found that their staff were not trained in customer relations; they were off-hand and unhelpful both times.

Richard Miles


One thought on “Kigali maps

  1. M Lijdsman says:

    We agree that the quality of the map is poor and the price to hgih. However, there is nothing else available on the market.
    For Rwanda there is one simular map but as well the candaian ITM map for sale at Ikirezi.

    M Lijdsman
    Director Ikirezi Bookshop

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