Visit to Nyakarimbi

It’s certainly worth visiting this craft co-operative, en route between Kigali and Rusumo, to see how the Imigongo paintings are created from start to finish. You can’t buy them there, so there’s no expectation about that. We were glad to have a Kinyarwanda speaker with us, because no one spoke any other language, and there were no printed brochures available at the time.
Getting a bus from the co-operative to Rusumo was a bit hit and miss, but our patience was rewarded and in the mean time provided interest to a lot of children.

Richard Miles


2 thoughts on “Visit to Nyakarimbi

  1. dotinrwanda says:

    I think this entry refers to the Kakira women’s co-operative about 2km east of Nyakarambi (not Nyakarimbi!). Buses from Kigali stop in Nyakarambi and if you ask nicely, the driver may drop you at the entrance to Kakira. You certainly can buy paintings there, though they don’t always carry the full range. It depends what orders they are working on. The prices are fixed and so reasonable for the work involved that bargaining is not worth attempting. The workshop is well worth a visit and although most people have no English or French, the manager, Basilice speaks good French and can be summoned if need be.

  2. Richard Miles says:

    Thanks, that’s helpful. The bus did drop us at the entrance to Kakira; our patience was needed to wait for a bus with space to pick us up from there! When we visited, they were not selling any paintings, so maybe they were busy fulfilling an order. A very interesting place to visit.

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