Meg Foundation, Kigali

Meg Fletcher writes:

The Meg Foundation is a locally registered organisation supported and financed by a UK charity founded by a former VSO volunteer. The project employs local people and provides education and skills-based training for income generation for the poorest and most vulnerable people of the Kinamba area in the centre of Kigali. It gives the people a chance to build their own future and live with dignity.

 The project provides nursery classes, supports primary school children in local primary schools and runs homework classes for primary children. The feeding programme provides daily meals for undernourished children.

 The adult programme includes basic literacy classes and a co-operative whose members make dolls, baskets and jewellery.

 Situated near the Kigali Memorial Centre the staff welcome visits. Call Epiphanie on 0783206154 to meet the children and adults and see their work.

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One thought on “Meg Foundation, Kigali

  1. Melissa says:

    I didn’t get to visit the Foundation, but I was able to purchase a necklace at the Kigali Memorial Centre! 🙂

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