New Top View Hotel at Nyungwe

We were in Nyungwe last weekend and stayed at a newly
opened hotel, built by a local man, at Gisakura. It is pretty
upmarket, but cheaper than the Forest Lodge (which is offering
discounts, perhaps due to the competition). The American ambassador
was hosting his Korean counterpart when we were there; he is
apparently a big fan of the place. I thought you might like to put
details on the website.

It is Nyungwe Top View Hotel; Tel: +250 788 772 087, mobile: 0788 605
665; email:; web: (though
that might not be up and running yet). It is perched on top of a hill,
about 1km from the main settlement at Gisakura. There is a two-storey
central reception and restaurant building, decorated with enormous
Imigongo cow-dung “paintings” and with wonderful views of hills in all
directions, including Lake Kivu and DRC in the distance. There are 12
individual chalets, 8 double and 4 twin. Each has a spacious bedroom
and bathroom, with bath, balcony and a small sitting room with
fireplace. The fire is lit each evening and no fewer than five hot
water bottles inserted into the double bed! Small beers cost $3 and a
three-course evening meal in the restaurant costs $15; quality varied
but the place still had its trainer wheels on!

Access is difficult. A directional sign should go up soon but the
steep and very rough 4WD only road to the hotel will take some time to
fix up. In the centre of Gisakura, opposite the Impala tours office,
turn right across the little concrete bridge over the drain, and turn
immediately left. Follow the steep and extremely bumpy track between
shops and houses to the edge of the village and keep going to the
barrier, at which point you will see the hotel above you, about 1km
from the road. US$150 dbl B&B.

Stella Martin


3 thoughts on “New Top View Hotel at Nyungwe

  1. MSN says:

    I just stayed here as well and have to say the food is shamefully overpriced. We paid $15 per person for one of the least impressive Rwandan buffets I have ever had. All of the food was available locally, so it doesn’t make sense. It makes you feel ripped off because I have had Rwandan buffets that were WORLDS better for half the cost. With 4 of us, it added $60 to the bill, which is a lot for a dinner in Rwanda. They really need to either expand the buffet, or lower the price.

    Other than that the rooms are lovely. The fireplaces have covers on them which prevent them from giving off any heat, which is a bummer, but it still creates a nice atmosphere. They also need lamps in the rooms. And I am not sure why they have these big beautiful porches with just a tiny table and one chair on each of them…

    But the service and the people are LOVELY. They could just tweak a few things and the place would feel like you are getting a GREAT deal and be a much, much better alternative to Nyungwe Forest Lodge.

  2. MSN says:

    one other thing – I have heard that the Serena Hotel chain is going to take over management, which I think is such a shame. It is nice to have a locally run/operated option in Nyungwe (Nyungwe Forest Lodge was built entirely by South Africans – they even imported labor!).

  3. KIBET SAMSON says:

    The Beauty of Top view Hotel at the edge of the great and famous Nyungwe Forest with fantastic views of Lake Kivu is wonderful. It has a beautiful view,with a welcoming enviroment, the interior decor of the two-storey central reception is well done and about the cortages,they are awesome.keep it up.

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