IRIBA Center for Multimedia Heritage in Kigali, Rwanda

Thanks to Anita Kirpalani for sending me details about this inspiring project:

Since 1994, all Rwandans share genocide as their central legacy. Nearly two decades later, as they search for a path to long-lasting recovery and peace, discovering -or re-discovering- their common history and cultural identity is essential to moving forward and to consolidating peaceful coexistence. This realization prompted the project of creating IRIBA Center for Multimedia Heritage in Kigali. IRIBA Center, whose name means “the source” in Kinyarwanda, will gather a century of Rwanda’s audiovisual history from sources in Africa and Europe to make it free and accessible to the public.

This initiative stems from the cooperation between multiple award-winning filmmaker Anne Aghion – who has filmed four films in post-genocide Rwanda, including  My Neighbor My Killer which was in Official Selection at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, and has since been shown around the world, received numerous awards and garnered unanimous critical praise – and Assumpta Mugiraneza, a Rwandan social psychologist and political scientist who has done extensive work on memory, history and hate speech.

So far, the response to their plans has been tremendous, with two major pledges, including a building from the French Embassy in Kigali. But in order to be able to make this project come to life, Assumpta and Anne have launched an online fundraising campaign on, a platform that enables people, like you or your neighbor, to be a real part of great projects from the beginning by helping them get off the ground.

The aim is to raise $40,000 before August 21st. In exchange for your contributions, the campaign offers many great rewards for each donation tier (which can be as low as $1), including DVD’s, exclusive T-shirts, books, and a chance to have your name on one of the screening stations at IRIBA Center. The team have already reached 70% of the their goal but Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing-funding method, so if they don’t reach their $40.000 goal by August 21st, they will lose all your pledges, which will revert back to you.

Support this initiative on Kickstarter,
Like My Neighbor My Killer on Facebook.
And spread the word!

Thank you.


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