Monkeys in Butare

We have discovered that you can watch monkeys on the university campus in Butare, close to the football field. Just walk in and tell the policemen you want to see the monkeys and they will let you in. Then go straight until you reach the field. The monkeys are in the trees surrounding the field (about 50). They are not always there, but at least it’s for free.



One thought on “Monkeys in Butare

  1. alistair nicoll says:

    Yes I saw them there when I visited the arboretum at the university and although I did not count them there were nearer 100. There are also a smaller troup of monkeys that play in the gardens at the back of the National Museum – or at least there were in the late afternoon when I was lucky enough to come across a rehersal for the Intore dance troup

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