Akagera NP entrance fees for 2012

Thanks to Sarah Hall for the new prices for Akagera National Park, will come in to effect on 1 Jan 2012″


Self drive permit / Entry fee  Details

US$ pp

Rwf pp

Rwandan Citizen  Per person

~ 6


Rwandan Citizen under 12  

~ 2.50


Rwandan Resident  


Rwandan Resident under 12  


International Visitor  


International Visitor under 12  




Vehicle fee 4×4 / Tour operator vehicles

~ 7





Guide for self-drive game drive Per guide / ½ day


Game drive, night (AMC) 2 hrs / min 4 pax


Guided Birding Per person per day


Fishing Per person per day


Boat trip – morning or day Price pp / 1 hrs / min 2 pax


Boat trip – sunset Price pp / 1hrs / min 2 pax


Camping, including firewood and water Price pp / night


Behind the scenes tour Price pp / min 4 pax / 2 hours




The new pricing embodies the following changes:


  • The game viewing fee remains the same but it now considered an Entry fee inclusive of a self drive permit. The fee is payable by all day visitors, or per night if they are staying longer. E.g. for 1 night in the park (and the 2 days either side) the fee is payable once, for 2 nights it is payable twice and so on.
  • The Entry fee / Self drive permit is the only fee that changes based on residency status.
  • Park entry fee is applicable to lodge guests and anyone entering the park.
  • Introduction of a payment for the services of a guide. Guides are optional.
  • Vehicle fee remains unchanged.
  • Prices for activities have been standardised, and are prices are regardless of residency status.
  • Children 12 and under for each residency category are given a discounted price for the entry fee, over 12 children are charged adult prices for entry. Children 5 and under are free of charge, no entry fee or activities fees apply. Activity fees are charged at the normal rate for children 6 and over.
  • Nationals of EAC member state will receive the Rwandan Nationals entry price, Residents (expatriates) of EAC member states will receive the Rwandan Resident, rate provided residency status is verified.



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