Cricket Without Boundaries

For the last 4 years a UK based charity – Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB), – has been sending small teams of
volunteers to Rwanda twice a year for two weeks at a time with the twin aims

·        – supporting the promotion of cricket by working with the Rwandan
Cricket Authority (RCA) and visiting schools, colleges and orphanages

·        – spreading of the HIV/AIDS prevention message through the medium
of cricket.

The volunteers travel from the UK with softball and hardball kit and leave
it with the RCA at the end of the visit. The charity also visits 3 other
African countries Kenya, Botswana and Uganda.

Visits take place in mid March and end of September every year and although
based in Kigali, the charity also visits Ruhengeri, Butare and Gitarama. On
average over 12 different educational and community establishments are
visited and over 1,000 young people are introduced to cricket per visit.

A key activity for CWB in Rwanda is the sustainability of cricket. It does
this by training/accrediting coaches and teachers to International Cricket
Council (ICC) standards and also by establishing partnerships with
government and non-government organisations who are looking for different
ways to spread the HIV/AIDS prevention message.”


Bob Hopkins


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