Rwanda Adventures update

I haver the following message from Tom Tofield of Rwanda Adventures:
I thought that it was time to give you a small update on our activities in Rwanda.
In conjunction with the RDB Tourism, we are soon to officially launch the following two tourism products:
1    Congo-Nil Trail – by bike or by foot between Gisenyi (Rubavu) and Cyangugu (Kamembe), 227km by Lake Kivu.
2    Gisenyi City Tour – about 25km in Gisenyi by bike visiting Gisenyi’s main points of interest. Some of the profits from The Gisenyi City Tour will also be given back to the local community – Ubumwe centre for disabled people and a project in the suburb of Mbugangari, that will send underprivileged but capable children to school. The tour is available, either guided or self-guided.
We are also selling and hiring steel-framed Karisimbi bikes ( for self-guided tours. After each bike has been hired-out a few times, we will be removing it from the pool and selling it off cheaply to locals who see these bikes riding through their villages. The first backpackers that took advantage of these non-expensive bikes where Fanny and Malin from Sweden. They found out about our services though your web-update. Thanks 😉 You can see some photos of their adventure here:
11.07.22-23 Fanny and Malin, self-guided on Karisimbis
For cycling adventures in Rwanda visit:
To buy a bicycle in Rwanda visit:

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