Kigali: RDB (ORTPN) office and bus departures

I’ve news about the old RDP (formerly ORTPN) sales and reservations main office near the hotel Mille Collines. This office has closed, and the complete building is now damaged and looks unlikely to be built again. The new location is in the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Headquarters as indicated on the map on page 79, grid G4.

Also, all outgoing buses from Kigali to different places in Rwanda are going now strictly from Nyabugogo. Even companies like Virunga, Atraco etc. that used to leave from various points in the city centre now only leave from there – so whenever you want to leave Kigali by bus you’ve to go to Nyabugogo.



2 thoughts on “Kigali: RDB (ORTPN) office and bus departures

  1. SM says:

    I went to the ORPTN office in the Rwanda Development Board building just after noon today – a Saturday. The woman there was friendly. She told me they are open 7-5 on weekdays and 8-mid-day on weekends.

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