Ubuwzu B&B, Byumba

I live in Byumba and there is a new wonderful B&B restaurant there called Ubuwzu that deserves to be in the guide. It has about 6 or 7 double ensuite bedroooms, is very modest – water may need brought to you in cans when it’s off, but has electricity and very clean nice rooms, comfortable beds, nets, and modest prices. They bring you cans of hot water in the morning to have a hot wash! And the restaurant is lovely – on a terrace overlooking the volcanoes – can see them all on a clear day – excellent food and they can provide a Rwandan melange but equally a very good steak and chips or fish and chips! The owner Blandine, is a wonderful person and a pillar of the community, runs a nursery for the poor, and a group of widows who make handicrafts. She also knows a group of Intore dancers and can organise for them to perform for a fee. The manager is a lovely young man who speaks fluent English, French, and Swahili (as well as Kinyarwanda) and is very kind and helpful, and takes an interest in his guests. It is close to the centre of town. I think it is much better than the other guest house, which is much less personal. From the central square take the tarmac road away from Kigali, and just before the tarmac road forks, there is a dirt road going up a hill to the left. Go up it, and follow it around a corner to the left and you’ll see it.

I also think Byumba is beautiful and worth a visit. There is a beautiful wetland, Rugezi, full of an extraordinary variety of birds half an hour from Byumba which Blandine and a British woman were hoping to develop. Unfortunately the UK person is now very ill, so I’m not sure what will happen to the project. I have been on guided boat trips on the lake and in the sun, it is wonderful. I’m not sure if Blandine can now organise these trips. Worth asking. bird watchers paradise!

Thank you for your guide!, and good luck exploring, Joan


5 thoughts on “Ubuwzu B&B, Byumba

  1. Sara-Christine says:

    Hi Joan, DO you have contact information for Ubwuzu? I would like to stay there in April but can’t seem to find a phone number that works or an email address…thanks very much for your help!

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