Apparent closure of Gisakura Tea Estate Guesthouse, Nyungwe NP

During Christmas 2011, we (a group of five people) travelled around the south of Rwanda. Following the description given in the Bradt guide (p.151), we called the phone number mentioned to make a reservation at the Gisakura Tea Estate Guesthouse. The woman on the other side of the line accepted our reservation. However, as we arrived at the Tea Estate, no one knew about a guesthouse there. We called the lady again and she directed us to the Gisakura Guesthouse, which is about 2 kilometers further. Arriving at the Gisakura Guesthouse, it appeared that no reservation was made for us. Fortunately we could use the last two rooms that were available there.

As we explaining the situation, the man at the reception indicated that this happened often: people came to the Gisakura Guesthouse assuming that they made a reservation, while there was none made. The Gisakura Tea Estate Guesthouse has been closed after the last edition of the Bradt Guide. He knew the lady we called and told that she often accepted reservations, even though the guesthouse is not functioning anymore. This way, visitors are forced to go to Gisakura Guesthouse or, when it is full, to go to one of the two other options, both of which are much more expensive.

Right after we arrived at Gisakura Guesthouse and had taken the last two available rooms, another family arrived. They also assumed that they had made a reservation, but they also were ‘tricked’ by the lady on the phone. I hope that were able to find a place at one of the lodges…

To summarize: I would like to use this forum to inform other visitors that the Gisakura Tea Estate Guesthouse is closed and that when you still happen to call the number mentioned in the guide, no real reservations are made for you.

Kind regards,



2 thoughts on “Apparent closure of Gisakura Tea Estate Guesthouse, Nyungwe NP

  1. dotinrwanda says:

    This happened to me 2 years ago! Luckily a local friend put me right and I was able to reserve a room at the Gisakura Guest House itself, which was very good and reasonable at the price. I hope the Guide can soon be put right on this.

    • philipbriggs says:

      Dorothy the guide was correct at the time of going to print – I checked the guesthouse myself when I researched the 4th edition – and part of the point of this update website is to alert readers to developments of this sort – but of course it will be removed from the 5th edition, which I’m working on at the moment! Philip

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