Recommended local driver in Kigali

Wendy Hook writes:

I first visited Rwanda back in 2005 when a dear friend of mine was working for the British Embassy there. Through her I met the British Ambassador’s driver. As a driver for the embassy he has been on extensive training for defensive driving courses etc so is an incredibly reliable and safe driver. He left the embassy on very good terms and they were sad to see him go but he wanted to set up himself and his brother as freelance tourist drivers and tour guides. They have both driven me and my family (and countless other people) on numerous occasions to the various sites in Rwanda and have also organized our accommodations and itineraries. They are both wonderful guys – friendly, trustworthy and exceptionally knowledgeable and accommodating to their guests, with relationships and connections at all the major accommodations and visitor points around the country. While they both do a fair amount of work for the other reputable tour companies in Kigali, they are also available to be used direct, which I’m sure is cheaper for people seeking transport because they get to cut out the middle-man with all the overheads of office staff etc. Charles Karenzi is the ex-driver for the ambassador and organizes the schedules for himself and his brother Isaac. He can be reached on or +250788302289 and I really can’t recommend them enough. Plus it is nice to see local people succeeding in reputable business that supports their families rather than the majority of the money going to some big tour company based outside the country you are traveling in.

I’d love it if you could add this info to your site as I know they would welcome the business and they really are a great option for people visiting the country who don’t want to travel in a huge group or who want more control over their itinerary than is available through a tour company.


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